Office of Travel Services


A. Travel authorization
  1. Within and Outside the State: Prior approval of the department head or next higher administrator is required, using MSU Form A-03 (Travel Authorization and Reimbursement Form), when the circumstance of travel is for:
    • Attending in- or out-of-state conventions, associations, conferences, workshops, seminars and clinics.
    • Outside the State of Mississippi but within the United States for reasons other than those listed above.
    • A group organized for unitary purposes.

    Special Notes:

    1. Travel to conventions or association meetings chargeable to sponsored programs must be correlated to the purpose of the project charged by a statement of justification on the Travel Authorization and Reimbursement Form.
    2. Other types of in-state travel do not require prior approval.

  2. Outside the Continental Limits of the United States: Travel outside the continental United States (including travel to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Canada) requires approval by the President of the University. Approval by the Board of Trustees and the Governor's Office is no longer required. Administrative approval should be obtained prior to making travel plans or 30 days in advance of the trip. Prior approval of the Department Head, Dean/Director, Vice President, President is required at least 30 days or greater, using MSU Form A-04 (Request for Approval of International Travel and Reimbursement Form) and MSU Form A-05 (International Travel, Support Schedule of Expenses), when travel is outside the continental limits of the United States for University business purposes. Designated funds utilization requires a category description be provided for President's Office approval.

    Section 25-3-41 of the MISSISSIPPI CODE OF 1972, No state or federal funds received from any source by any arm or agency of the state shall be expended in traveling outside of the continental limits of the United States until the governing body or head of the agency makes a finding and determination that the travel would be extremely beneficial to the state agency and obtains a written concurrence thereof from the Governor, or his designee, and the Department of Finance and Administration. However, employees of state institutions of higher learning may expend funds for travel outside of the continental limits of the United States upon a written finding by the president or head of the institution that the travel would be extremely beneficial to the institution.

    Private funding of International Travel (i.e. funded by employee, Development Foundation, or other private funds not administered by MSU) does not require the estimate of expenses to be completed on MSU Form A-04. If private funds are utilized, an advance by the Office of Travel Services is not allowed.

    All international travel must have the President's original signature.

    Hawaii is outside the continental limits of the United States; therefore, international travel authorization is required when traveling to this location.

    The various travel forms are available online. They are used to authorize travel, to receive travel advances, to receive and document authorization to charge to EBTA account, and to reimburse the traveler.

  3. Traveling with Others: MSU employees or students traveling with other MSU employees need individual travel authorizations (see MSU Form A-03 Part I, Sections A through C; or MSU Form A-04).

    For any type of student activity which is held off campus and involves travel, the person in charge of the student group (organization) shall be responsible for attaching to the travel form (MSU Form A-03 or Form A-04) an approved list of the names of persons participating in the travel.

  4. Other Situations for Which an Additional Travel Authorization is Required: An additional Travel Authorization and Reimbursement Form (MSU Form A-03) must be filed if:
    • Dates of travel are separated by more than two (2) days.
    • Expenses for a visit to a state are included for reimbursement and the state is not listed in Part I of MSU Form A-03 (additional travel authorization is not required for en-route state expenses).
    • Purpose of the trip changes from that which is stated on original authorization/reimbursement form.

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