Employee Business Travel Account (EBTA)

The purpose of the Employee Business Travel Account (EBTA) is to prepay airfare expenses for employees and students who book through Travel Leaders.

How to charge airfare to the EBTA:

  1. Complete MSU A-03/A-04 and obtain proper approvals.
    1. A-03: Complete Sections A-C on page 1
    2. A-04:Complete pages 1-3 and obtain signatures through President’s Office
  2. Contact Travel Leaders during normal business hours to arrange airfare.
    1. The quote received is only valid for 24 hours.
  3. Contact Travel Services during normal business hours for an EBTA number. Travel Services will ask for the following:
    1. TR#
    2. Traveler's name
    3. Traveler's MSU ID number (9-digit number)
    4. Month of travel
    5. Name of department contact, phone number, and amount of quote (including Travel Leaders’ $27.00 fee)
  4. Write the EBTA number at the top of the A-03/A-04.
    1. Right for A-03
    2. Left for A-04
  5. The department contact should email Travel Services at travelhelp@msstate.edu the following:
    1. MSU A-03/A-04 with EBTA number and appropriate signatures
    2. Quote provided by Travel Leaders
  6. The department contact should email/fax Travel Leaders the MSU A-03/A-04 with EBTA number.

The amount of the ticket will be charged to the traveler’s receivable account (like a cash advance). When completing the MSU A-03/MSU A-05 for reimbursement, the EBTA should be included in Section D, line 4 public carrier, and the Advance Received portion of the form. If there are any cash advances associated with the trip, the EBTA should be added to the travel advances.

  • Example: Total voucher – Advance Received (EBTA and/or travel advance) = Net voucher (reimbursement)

Domestic travel is to be submitted to Travel Services no later than 10 business days into the month following the trip end date.

  • Example: Trip ends June 25th, 2018. The MSU A-03 and supporting documentation are due to Travel Services by July 14, 2018.

International travel is to be submitted to Travel Services approximately 45 business days after the trip ends (one month and 14 days after the trip end date).

  • Example: Trip ends June 25th, 2018. The MSU A-04 and A-05 and supporting documentation are due to Travel Services by August 14, 2018.

PAYROLL DEDUCTION: The traveler will be payroll deducted if the MSU A-03/A-05 is not submitted on time. Each payroll deduction results in a $50.00 administrative fee (in addition to any unused cash advance amounts or other reimbursements owed to the University). A payroll deduction will result in a loss of EBTA and advance privileges.

Contracted Travel Agency:
Travel Leaders, Inc.
Starkville Office:
Phone/Fax: 662-323-5007
Travel Services:

Phone: 662-325-8817 (Main Line)
Fax: 662-325-0840

Contact Information

640 McArthur Hall
Mail Stop 9719
Mississippi State University
Mississippi State, MS 39762

Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday

Phone: 662-325-8817
Fax: 662-325-0840