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Business Travel Expense (BTE) Procedures

When planning a business trip through the University contract travel agency, the non-MSU employee has the option of purchasing public carrier transportation with personal funds or by charging the transportation cost to the University's BTE account.

If the non-MSU employee requests that the public carrier transaction be prepaid by the university, the cost will be charged to the BTE account. The travel coordinator will be making the public carrier reservations for the non-MSU employee. The following procedures must be followed:

  1. The travel coordinator should contact Travel Leaders to obtain an airfare quote for the public carrier transaction cost.
  2. You must complete the BTE and an A-08 form.
  3. After you have completed the BTE and A-08 forms, please fax the BTE form, A-08 form, and the airfare quote to Travel Services at 325-0840.
  4. Travel Services will contact Travel Leaders to verify the airfare ticket amount and authorize Travel Leaders to purchase the airfare ticket for the traveler.
  5. Travel Services will fax the authorized BTE form to Travel Leaders to finalize the airfare ticket purchase.

Additional Requirements for unique airfare purchases.
Group Travel:

  1. You must attach a copy of the group leader's MSU Form A-03/A-04 Travel Authorization and Reimbursement Form.
  2. A list of the names and MSU ID numbers for the group.

Consultants: You must attach a copy of the HRM 323 and HRM 322 forms (Human Resources).

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