Q: When did the airfare reservation charges go up from $25 to $27?
A: July 1, 2007

Q: Why are we required to use Travel Leaders to book airfare?
A: The Mississippi Department of Finance and Administration requires all state employees to use one of the state contracted travel agencies. MSU was allowed an exception to negotiate its own contract with Travel Leaders enabling us to save over the state contract reservation fees.

Q: Is it better to get a quote from Travel Leaders or make your own airfare reservations online and get a waiver?
A: The most important factor to remember in this situation is the cost savings to the university. Would the airfare reservation be cheaper using Travel Leaders or online reservations? Documentation should be attached to support your choice as a savings to the university.

Q: If the traveler makes their own airfare reservation without going through Travel Leaders, are they required to use Travel Leaders to make their hotel and rental car reservations?
A: In this situation, the traveler is not required to use Travel Leaders to make their hotel and rental car reservations. However, the traveler is required to process a waiver for the airfare reservation with a savings to the university. A pre-dated quote from Travel Leaders prior to the purchase of the online airline reservation must be attached with the higher cost of airfare to justify the approval of the waiver. The traveler is still required to have verification of single room rate for lodging and all vehicle rentals should be made with the state contracted rental car agency.

Q: If you make your airfare reservations with Travel Leaders, are you required to make your hotel and rental car reservations with them?
A: If your airfare reservation is made through Travel Leaders, your hotel and rental car reservations should also be made with Travel Leaders. If the traveler is attending a conference, they have the option to make their hotel reservation directly with the conference hotel providing they obtain conference documentation that verifies the conference hotel and the single conference room rate.

Q: Is there a specific website required by Travel Services to make online airfare reservations?
A: Travel Services does not require any specific website for online airfare reservations. They do however stress the importance of obtaining itemized receipts for reimbursement.

Q: What is the minimum dollar amount of the significant savings to the university?
A: Savings should be compared on base fares exclusive of reservation fees. Travel Services has in the past used a standard of $25 or more as significant savings (this has nothing to do with the renegotiated rate charged by Travel Leaders).

Q: If the traveler makes their airfare reservations with another agency or online, can they get an early advance for the cost of the airfare reservations?
A: No early advance, the EBTA process was originated to reduce the cost of out-of-pocket expenses for the traveler on MSU business. If the traveler choose to purchase an airfare ticket with their personal credit card, the airfare cost will be reimbursed when the traveler returns from the trip. Therefore, the traveler WILL NOT be allowed to get an early advance for an airfare ticket purchase through online reservations.

Q: Does Travel Leaders charge for quotes?
A: No.

Q: If the airfare reservations are made with my personal credit card, will the $27.00 charge apply?
A: All airfare reservations for MSU business made through Travel Leaders will be charged a transaction fee of $27.00.

Q: If the airfare ticket is purchased online, can I still get an EBTA number for the airfare ticket?
A: No, EBTA numbers are only given for airfare reservations made with Travel Leaders.

Q: What documentation is required for reimbursement of airfare reservations made with agencies other than Travel Leaders?
A: You should have a quote (higher price) from Travel Leaders that is dated before the purchase of your online airfare reservation, proof of payment for online airfare reservations, and a travel services waiver.

Q: Is additional insurance coverage for international travel reimbursable?
A: No, MSU state health insurance will usually cover medical expenses when a traveler is out of the state or country. The medical treatment must be "medically necessary". The traveler would need to pay and then seek reimbursement.

Q: Are laundry expenses reimbursable?
A: One reasonable laundry expense is reimbursable for each seven (7) consecutive days that travelers are required to be on official MSU business.

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